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WINKEL the company

Know-how, innovation and international presence.

Since more than 42 years we are working in the field of linear systems and material handling. We are market leader in the field of heavy load linear systems and have delivered thousands of handling systems.

At the beginning we delivered components for fork lift trucks such as bearings and profiles for lift masts, complete special lift mast and other components for fork lift trucks. Out of this program we developed our linear- and handling systems for usage in all industries.

Your special needs in the field of material handling is our daily challenge and motivation. We are pleased to work out with our clients individually made solutions with a good price value and the client also profit from our 42 years experience and our state of the art designing facilities with 3D PRO/E.

The Company WINKEL

WINKEL Firmenportrait 2020 2:02
The video show the portfolio of the company WINKEL in Illingen, 90 seconds all processes, technology and customer care.

WINKEL - Success with our employees

Behind WINKEL´s success are more than 160 employees working in development, purchasing, administration, production, sales and customer service. We are proud of these employees because every day they give unrivalled support to our customers ensuring the best solutions are provided with a high degree of technical and commercial awareness.

The enthusiasm we all share is reflected in our products and we look forward to working closely with our customers for current and future requirements.
Yours, August Winkel
Ihr Dipl.-Ing. Christian Winkel

WINKEL Construction & Production

Linear- and handling systems - individuality in all applications.

Individuality in all applications.

Components and systems from 10 kg to 100 t. We design and manufacture our systems in our company in Illingen close to Stuttgart. We manufacture most of the systems individually hand made with our experienced staff.

Special solutions are available with short delivery times with our proven quality. For our systems, we use only high quality components which are also proven in the car industry worldwide. WINKEL have components and systems for heavy loads from 10 kg to 100 t.

All from one source.

Our machinery includes 15 CNC machining centres. We manufacture WINKEL guide profiles up to a length of 13 m completely according to your production drawing.

Cutting to length, fine straightening, milling, drilling right through to surface treatment (painting, galvanising or spray-flame galvanising) - you get everything ready for installation from a single source.

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