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Pallet Infeed Station PAS

Pallet Infeed Station PAS

WINKEL pallet Infeed Station PAS are economical designed and built systems.

Pallet infeed station takes up different pallet sizes. For manual or automatic use with conveyor.

Advantages WINKEL pallet Infeed Station PAS

  • On/Off loading with hand pallet truck or fork lift truck
  • secure handling
  • compact design
  • low maintenance
  • lift and conveyor electro-mechanically driven
  • comes complete with protection device

Accessoires Pallet Infeed Station PAS

  • Pallet infeed station with electro-mechanical drives and security housing
  • Both systems offer secure handling of your pallets
  • Pallet infeed station require only few maintenance


Load capacity kg

Height conveyor mm

Stroke mm

Lifting speed m/sec

Conveyor speed m/sec

Lift drive

Conveyor drive







0.15 at 87 Hz

0.3 at 87 Hz

400 V, AC

400 V, AC

120 paletts/hr


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