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Efficient and ergonomic picking with high performance.


Palletising, (loading and unloading) and order picking are all activities where as many goods as possible have to be moved in the shortest possible time. An innovation from WINKEL now ensures lean processes, high picking performance, top picking quality and gentle goods handling: FAST PICK STATION.


The FAST PICK STATION is a unit consisting of a picking table, shaft and film stretcher. It enables goods to be picked quickly, in high quality and ergonomically onto pallets. These are conveyed down the shaft and immediately stretched - the load is secured for further transport.

The FAST PICK STATION can be integrated easily and without structural measures, because it does NOT require a pit. That, too, is efficiency

The FAST PICK STATION is used in a wide range of applications, including the automotive and supplier industry, the food trade, the textile industry or the drug-store sector. With the FAST PICK STATION, pallets of mixed goods can be picked without any problems.


  • up to 800 picks on pallets in 1 hour
  • automatic loading safety
  • shorter order processing time
  • minimum space requirements
  • flexible integration

FAST PICK STATION - Productfacts

  • Innovative commissioning system for pallets
  • manual or automatic commissioning on pallets
  • load will be secured and packed with a plastic wrapping unit for transport
  • lowering and further transport



WINKEL Fast Pick Station manuel mit Leerpalettenpuffer 1:27
The video shown a WINKEL FAST PICK STATION manual with 2 and 1 operators picking 800/500 picks pre hours and a robot picking with integrated …

FAST PICK - mixed goods

WINKEL FAST PICK Mischgüter 1:44
The FAST PICK video shown step by step the palletizing of mixed goods and subsequent wrapping, including empty pallet buffering to bridge the …


In the video it is shown and describe how the WINKEL FAST PICK Station is working consists of a work station that processes, shrink wraps, stacks …


A pallet is loaded with different goods on the picking table of the FAST PICK STATION.

These are served individually or on trays, the goods management system ensures the correct sequence. The picker can always adjust the height of the pallet individually.

Once the pallet has been picked, it is automatically lowered over the shaft. The shaft walls ensure that the load remains stable. This is especially important for pallets with mixed goods.

A wrapping stretcher automatically wraps the load with a film as soon as the pallet leaves the shaft. This protects the goods from slipping and contamination during transport.

The conveyor system transports the stretched pallet away. The next pallet is made available.

Optionally, the pallets can also be transported in and out manually. The changeover time between two load carriers is only a few seconds.

Picking ergonomically & efficiently

Fast, flexible and reliable picking

Work more efficiently with FAST PICK STATION. Up to 800 picks per hour can be handled by a single employee at a FAST PICK STATION - easily and conveniently, without heavy lifting. Thanks to the tight process control, the error rate during picking is reduced to almost zero.

No interruptions

Optionally, an integrated buffer system can provide an empty pallet on which the operator can continue palletising. Pallets are changed in a few seconds.

There is no interruption while the previous palette is being stretched.

Easily accessible

The employee can choose the working position that is most con- venient for him or her.

For even more efficiency, two people can also work at one FAST PICK STATION for even more efficiency.

Even more efficient

The FAST PICK STATION is also available for fully automatic robot picking.

That is 100 percent process reliability.

Makes work easier, relieves the employees.

Makes work easier, relieves the employees.

The FAST PICK STATION always positions the load carrier - pallets, roller containers and wire mesh boxes - at the optimum height.
The employee no longer has to lift the goods, but only move them horizontally - an enormous relief! To make the work even easier, the FAST PICK STATION can also be combined with various lifting aids on request.

  • Easier work
  • Healthier conditions
  • Less loads
  • Adjustable parapet height
  • Up to 800 picks per hour
  • Short changeover times
  • Process different load carriers
  • Low error rate
The FAST PICK STATION can handle different load carriers: Euro pallets, ½-Euro pallets, industrial pallets, roller containers, mesh pallets …

Palettenspeicher und Handlingssysteme für alle Standard- Palettenformate weltweit

Die FAST PICK STATION kann unterschiedliche Ladungsträger handhaben: Euro-Paletten, ½-Euro-Paletten, Industriepaletten, Rollcontainer, Gitterboxen…

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