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75428 ILLINGEN - Germany
Tel.: +49(0)7042-8250-0
Fax: +49 7042-23888

Authorized CEO:
Ing. August Winkel
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Winkel

registration court:
Amtsgericht Mannheim

Register number:
HRB 511826

Value added tax identification number in accordance with § 27 a Value Added Tax Act:
DE 144 525 771

© Winkel GmbH
Copyright of documents according to DIN 34. Copying of this document, giving it to others and the use ore communication of the contents thereof, are forbidden without express authority. Offenders are liable to the payment of damages. All rights are reserved in the event of the grant of a patent or the registration of a utility model or design. We will retain all rights for misprints or errors in the measurements. Technical changes without notice. 

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