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WINKEL "Innovation in motion"

Customer wishes bring novelties

Customers' wishes are increasingly being recorded and new products are being produced. SPEED and SILENT linear guides with new aluminium rails, the COLIBRI Storage and Retrieval Machine, FAST PICK Stations, Commissioning Lifting units, maintenance free Stationary Lifting Systems, Robot Tracks and our new READY TRACK.

Our new COLIBRI Storage and Retrieval Machine has put existing „Best of“ in the shade and our new FAST-PICK-Stations are already in use worldwide and offer an optimum in the area of picking workstations.

Bei uns dreht sich alles um Sie

Behind WINKEL’s success are more than 160 employees working in development, purchasing, administration, production, sales and customer service.

We are proud of these employees.

They do their best every day with the aim that our customers get an optimum of technical solutions at a very good price/performance ratio.

Twice holds better

Two-pillar storage and retrieval machines

Important system components have a redundant design

More about 2-pillar storage and retrieval machines  Video

WINKEL at international fairs

We are happy to answer your questions about our products in a personal conversation or we will find a solution for your special requirements.
Meet WINKEL experts in over

52 countries worldwide

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