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WINKEL chain lifter WPH 1U
Pallet lifter with chain

WINKEL pallet lifter with chain WPH 1U productfacts

  • with load frame to suit any conveyor
  • motor in bottom position
  • load capacity 0.5 - 2.5t with WINKEL bearings
  • up to 15 m lift height
  • max. 2 m/sec. lifting speed
  • low maintenance
  • robust design for 3 shift application
  • wiring on terminal box on request

Accessoires pallet lifter with chain WPH 1U

  • slack chain andchain failure sensor
  • maintenance chain
  • load frame with minimized height
  • mounting
  • safety brakes
  • load frame or special attachments according to customer requirements

      WPH1-500 U WPH1-1000 U WPH1-1500 U WPH1-2500 U
Load capacity [kg]   500 1000 1500 2500
Load center [mm] LSP 600 600 850 1000
Closed height [mm]   Stroke+1200 Stroke+2000 Stroke+2000 Stroke+2000
Height of carriage [mm] Lh 520 1120 1120 1120
Max. lift speed [m/s]   2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0
Max. lift acceleration [m/s²]   2,0 2,0 2,0 2,0
Pitch circle sprocket [mm]   138 138 172 207

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