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Depalletizing station

WINKEL depalletizing station

WINKEL depalletizing station are economical designed and built systems for load capacities up to 1500kg.

With WINKEL depalletizing stations you have free access from all sides and allows an ergonomic working for your employees.

The drive station is availiable with safty brakes and the WINKEL depalletizing station are suitable for all pallet formats.

Advantages WINKEL depalletizing station

  • free access from all side
  • ergonomic working
  • with maintenance free belt drive
  • driving station with safety brakes on request
  • suitable to any pallet sizes

Overview of the WINKEL Depalletizing station


Load capacity in kg


Pallet sizes



450 mm OF - max. 6.000 mm




0 mm OF - max 2.000 mm


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