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Corrosion protection for WINKEL Profiles

All WINKEL profiles are available in corrosion protected version. We deliver your profiles completely machined with the surface treatment of your choice - ready for installation.

Painted version

  • The most simple and most effective way to protect profiles against corrosion is to paint them. The profiles up to 12 m are cleaned, primed and painted in the RAL colour of your choice. The total coating thickness is approx. 80 µm. The inside of the profile remains unpainted, as the paint could flake off when the hardened roller runs over it. A slight film of grease on the inside of the profile is completely sufficient against corrosion.

Chemical galvanized version

  • All steel profiles up to 4 m are available in a chemical galvanised version on request. With this technique, all surfaces are completely coated. Flaking off the running surface cannot be excluded during operation. The layer thickness is 10 - 20 µm

Plasma galvanised version

  • All WINKEL profiles are available in lengths of up to 12 m in plasma galvanised version. In this process, a zinc wire is melted by a flame and then atomised by compressed air before it gets finely applied to the profile. During the application process a high-quality protective layer is created, which is much better than galvanic zinc coatings with regard to flaking. The thickness of the applied layer is at least 50 µm.

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