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Profil Typ SRF 8735

Artikel-Nr. 900.087.350
m11,5 kg/m
lx126,0 cm4
Wx24,0 cm3
ly13,0 cm4
Wy6,0 cm3

[1] Eccentric pin (preload setting)
[2] Lock nut
[3] Mark for eccentric pin
[4] Point for lubrication system

Each slide has 4 bearings, two of these bearings are eccentric adjustable (see eccentric marks pos. 3).

The preload setting can be done very easily using standard tools.

Lubrication can be obtained via the felt slips at pos. 4.

Forces max [N]

TypeFy dynFy statFz dynFz stat
SSF 8735 (A)1500250035003500
SSF 5024 (A)1500250035003500

Torques max [Nm]

TypeMx dynMx statMy dynMy statMz dynMz stat
SSF 8735 (A)33521051054778
SSF 5024 (A)365867675287

Load capacity of the single bearing [N]

TypeC dynCO stat
SSF 8735 (A)85005100
SSF 5024 (A)85005100

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