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PLE - Linear Axis High Dynamic

WINKEL PLE - Linear Axis in High Dynamic Version

WINKEL Axis Systems Serie PLE are economical designed and built systems for load capacities up to 100 kg.

The inexpensive and robust linear axis for medium precise applications.

WINKEL PLE Linear Axis in High Dynamic Version comes with modular steel profiles and WINKEL Bearings in polyamide version. Motors alternatively in AC or servo version in combination with low-friction gears. High Dynamic Version for Applications in packaging and automotive industry.

Productfacts PLE linear axis in High Dynamic Version

  • high load capacity, low noise level, inexpensive
  • WINKEL linear system, low backlash, in combination with racks or belt drives
  • bearings in polyamide version, low noise level
  • modular steel profile construction suitable for your application
  • motors alternatively in AC or servo version in combination with low-friction gears
  • suitable vertical axis and telescopic axis
  • suitable turning modules on request
  • robust design for 3 shift application
  • low maintenance
  • short delivery time
  • CAD downloads available for your layouts

Shortfacts - PLE Linear Axis High Dynamic

Type Max. load in kg Repeatability Speed
PLE 100 100 ± 0,5 mm up to 3 m/s

  Unit Indication PLE-100
max. load under Z axis [kg]   100
length carriage horizontal [mm] Lsh 1055
stroke horizontal (6m axis) [mm] Lh 4475
overlift horizontal [mm] Rh 100
length horizontal [mm] Lhg Lh + 1525
gear horizontal [mm]   M5
length carriage vertical [mm] Lsv 825
stroke vertical [mm] Lv 2000
overlift vertical [mm] Rv 50
total length vertical [mm] Lvges Lv + 1260
gear vertical [mm]   Modul3
distance axis [mm] Sa 295
Bearing distance vertical [mm]   490
max. length each section [mm]   12000
max. speed m/s] v 3,0
max. acceleration [m/s²] a 2,0
environmental temp. (not condensing) [°C]   5-45
max column distance [mm]   6000

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