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WINKEL line section lifters for a car manufacturer’s battery production line

Winkel lifting systems move batteries, battery cells and cell blocks for e-cars between the different levels of the assembly lines.

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Two-pillar S/R machines from WINKEL

Two-pillar storage and retrieval machines from Winkel. The efficient, one-pillar storage and retrieval machines (SRM) from Winkel are proven standard solutions for handling small items of stored materials in high-bay storage systems. For larger items, the Illingen-based specialists also have two-pillar SRMs in their portfolio. In these machines, all the important system components have a redundant design – for applications where nothing is allowed to go wrong.

The DUAL FAST PICK station picking solution from WINKEL

With the DUAL FAST PICK Station, users can load both pallets and trolleys on the same machine without retooling or additional equipment. The WINKEL engineers have optimised the proven two-storey picking solution FAST PICK.

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Ten tons of robot linear axis in a very confined space

Winkel lieferte Roboterachse 10 Tonnen Roboter-Linearachse auf engstem Raum für russischen Kraftwerksspezialisten. Bei der Produktionsumrüstung für seinen Kunden "Power Machines Russland" (PMR) setzte der Sonderanlagenbauer cts aus dem bayrischen Burgkirchen auf die Unterstützung von Winkel: Der Lineartechnik-Spezialist aus dem württembergischen Illingen lieferte für einen neuen Roboter eine Schwerlast-Linearführung. Bei der kniffligen Aufgabe in Sankt Petersburg kam eine Sonderkonstruktion zum Einsatz.

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WINKEL is investing 1.5 million euros in new laser cutting center.

WINKEL is investing 1.5 million euros in new laser cutting center. The latest-generation laser cutting center from Trumpf includes not only an automatic sheet metal storage, but also an innovative bending press with an automated tool changer.

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