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NEW! WINKEL product configurators

Illingen, WINKEL GmbH

WINKEL presents configurators for linear guides & industrial hose reels. The new product configurators for linear guides and industrial and hydraulic hose reels use intuitive tools to optimise the selection process and deliver an individually tailored solution.

NEW! Product catalogue 2023

Illingen, WINKEL GmbH

The New WINKEL Product Catalogue 2023 V12M is now available as print version, online flip catalogue or as PDF download version. The current catalogue can be easily downloaded as a PDF, viewed as a flip catalogue or the hardcover version can be ordered free of charge.

Automation of the loading and unloading of tugger trains

Illingen, WINKEL GmbH

The new WINKEL tugger train sets new standards in efficiency and flexibility in material flow. It was specially designed for the automatic loading and unloading of tugger trains with payloads from 0.1 to 10 tonnes. The system is suitable for both single load carriers and multi-load carriers at the same time.

Vaihingen Enz 2023 Education Fair

Illingen, WINKEL GmbH

On Saturday, 21 January 2023, we represented our company at the training fair in Vaihingen Enz and had a great day with interested students.

Stacking and unstacking - BSS & BSS-N series box stackers

Illingen, WINKEL GmbH

The Box Stacker revolutionises the stacking and destacking of bins. With the ability to automatically handle different types of totes efficiently with high performance, WINKEL's BSS & BSS-N Box Stackers save valuable time and increase productivity in a wide range of industrial applications.

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