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WINKEL Videos - Communication, Systems, Products & Tutorials

WINKEL Company

WINKEL International 2021

WINKEL International 2021. WINKEL - THE COMPANY 2021

The Company WINKEL

See everything about the company WINKEL in 90 seconds

WINKEL the new plant 3

Plant 3 with a building height 12 m and shop floor of 4.500 sm

Linear Guides

WINKEL Linearsystem

The complete WINKEL innovative modular unit system from 10kg up to 100 tons

WINKEL cost comparison

WINKEL linear guides vs. recirculating ball bearing guides. Comparison of a 6 meter long linear axis with a load capacity of 300kg.

Ložiska WINKEL - Tutorials


Montáž a demontáž

Adjustement with washer

Nastavení ložiska s osovým šroubem pocí zásuvných podložek

Adjustment eccentric

Nastavení osového ložiska pomocí vystředění

Adjustment with shims

Nastavení osové vůle pomocí podložek

Adjustment eccentric

Nastavení osového ložiska JUMBO pomocí vystředění

WINKEL partlist

WINKEL partlist - make a request with multible products or generate different CAD files with one click.

WINKEL Profiles

WINKEL profile fine straightening

Jemné rovnání do U profilů

Profile machining

Profile machining, all steps from production process, guide profiles, fine straightening, welding and CNC processing.

Storage and retrieval systems

WINKEL tugger train

Tugger train loading and unloading, single or multiple load carriers at the same time

WINKEL Systems - compact

All WINKEL systems introduced in a nutshell

Lifter and Telescopic forks

WINKEL Lifter and Telescopic forks - High performance and low maintenance, lifting height 40 meters, load capacity 2 x 1.000 kg, speed 4 m/s.

Pallet infeed station PAS

WINKEL pallet infeed station PAS - conveyor speed up 0,3 m/s, lift speed 0,15 m/s, load capacity up to 1.350 kg, stroke 1.000 mm, capacity 129 Pallets/hr, different pallet types.

Pallet Stacker - PSS

WINKEL Pallet Stacker and Destacker PSS with a capacity up to 240 pallets/hr, pass trough version with a load capacity up to 15 Pallets.

Transfer Carriage QVW

QVW a transfer car with 1 or 2 conveyors and a shuttle with chain conveyor.

Lifting and travelling unit

Lifting and travelling unit with telecopic fork.


Pallet changing with 2 and 1 operators picking max. 800 picks per hour.

FAST PICK - mixed goods

FAST PICK - Palletizing of mixed goods, wrapping, including empty pallet buffering to bridge the time for winding up to 800 pick/hr can be reached here.


FAST PICK Station, optimized for commissioning efficiency


SMART-PICK-Station, optimized for commissioning efficiency

Depalletizing Station

Depalletizing of pallets in the food sector, ergonomic, high efficient, fast and safe

Box stacker BSS / BSS-N

WINKEL box stacker BSS / BSS-N - capacity up to 2.550 boxes/hour, different box types, electronmechanical and pneumatic versions.

WINKEL Storage and Retrieval machine

WINKEL Storage and Retrieval machine in the Automotive industry with a special load handling device and a load capacity up to 300kg and horizontal speed up to 4 m/s.

2-Pillar S/R machine

WINKEL 2 pillar storage and retrieval machine - horizontal speed up to 4 m/s, telescopic forks 2.4 meter stroke, load capacity up to 3.000kg, lift height up to 20 meter, belt lifter high dynamic 2 m/s.

COLIBRI - pallet handling.

COLIBRI - No slip, positive power transmission, precise positioning.

For containers and cartons

COLIBRI storage and retrieval unit for higher throughput capacity, better use of space, lower weight with a stroke up to 40.000mm

Warehouse utilization

COLIBRI - more space for higher performance.

Storage and Retrieval machines

PUMA pallet SR Storage and Retrieval machines

WINKEL robot tracks

Oven handling unit

Oven handling unit in Automotive Industry at hardening process.

WINKEL belt lifter

WINKEL belt lifter for speeds up to 3 m/s, simple, efficient and low-maintenance, loads of up to 100 kg and lifting height up to 20 m.

WINKEL axis systems

Axis Systems Serie DLE

WINKEL Axis Systems Serie DLE, load 10kg - 5t, highly dynamic with an acceleration: 6,5 m/s², speed 4 m/s, repeatability 0,1 mm.

Axis systems Serie SLE

WINKEL Axis systems Serie SLE, load 300kg - 6t, acceleration: 2,5 m/s², speed: 2,5 m/s, robust and low maintenance.

WINKEL Robot Loading Cell

WINKEL Robot Loading Cell for tooling machines, high decoupling level, stacking height up to 1100 mm, for wire baskets 400 x 600 mm, weight up to 80kg.


RLE axis elevated, machinery linkage, RLE axis overhead installation.

WINKEL Axis Systems Serie DLE

High precision application - WINKEL DLE portal for car bodies handling.

WINKEL Systems

Tool maintenance systems

Innovative commissioning system for pallets, manual or automatic commissioning on pallets, load will be secured and packed with a plastic wrapping unit for transport, lowering and further transport

WINKEL Coil turning units

Coil turning units and Coil turning/tilting unit

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