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Transfer car QVW
Eccentric lifting table + side stroke, Lifting and travelling unit

Transfer Carriage QVW

WINKEL Querverschiebewagen QVW 1:41
The video shown a WINKEL Transfer Carriage QVW with a load capacity up to 1.350kg, horizontal movement up to 4 m/s and T-Car with telescopic fork …

Lifting and travelling unit

WINKEL Hub- und Verfahreinheit 1:55
The Video shown a lifting and travelling unit with telecopic fork in the food processing.

Advantages WINKEL transfer car QVW

  • modular design with WINKEL bearings
  • load capacity 0.5 - 3t
  • speed up to 5 m/sec.
  • stroke up to 100 m
  • load support either conveyor, gravity conveyor, telescopic forks or pickup for shuttle
  • robust design for multi-shift operation
  • low maintenance
  • wiring on terminal box on request

WINKEL transfer car QVW overview

  • Horizontal load shuttle
  • Eccentric lifting table + side stroke
  • Lifting and travelling unit

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