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WINKEL Cobot-Track
Efficiency meets precision

WINKEL Cobot-Track

Efficiency meets precision.

WINKEL's innovative cobot axis combines a 6-axis cobot with an advanced linear axis, value-analytically designed for maximum efficiency.

This axis is suitable for all common collaborative robot types, offers individual length adjustment and an outstanding price-performance ratio. The fully enclosed design ensures safety and aesthetics, while an automated lubrication system provides optimal care for the rack and guides.

Thanks to the integrated energy chain and customised control and wiring solutions offered, the Cobot axis from WINKEL is the key to precise and efficient robotics.

Advantages Cobot-Track

  • Combination of 6-axis cobot with modern linear axis
  • Precision guides
  • usable for all collaborating robot types and flexibly adaptable to the workplace
  • Individual length possible
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Completely enclosed system

Max. load 100 kg
Carriage width 260 mm
Carriage length 410 mm (or according to application)
Carriage mass ~ 16 kg + drive
Total width 340 mm
Max. speed 3 m/s (depending on the protection concept)
Max. acceleration 3 m/s² (depending on the protection concept)
Reserve stroke 50 mm
Max. length each section 11.500 mm
Repetition accuracy ± 0.1 mm
Total length Drive way + 600 mm
Ambient temperature 5 - 45 °C, non-condensing (further special conditions on request)

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