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Two-pillar S/R machines from WINKEL

Two-pillar storage and retrieval machines from Winkel

Double holds better

The efficient, one-pillar storage and retrieval machines (SRM) from Winkel are proven standard solutions for handling small items of stored materials in high-bay storage systems. For larger items, the Illingen-based specialists also have two-pillar SRMs in their portfolio. In these machines, all the important system components have a redundant design – for applications where nothing is allowed to go wrong.

  • Two-pillar storage and retrieval machine up to 5.000 kg
  • High level of system availability
  • Individual load handling devices according to project or customer requirements

The automobile production process is extremely complex. In this context, delays due to intralogistic malfunctions are not just annoying but also expensive. Winkel has developed its two-pillar SRMs specially for the handling of large, heavy and bulky parts in high-bay storage systems – for example, underbodies or bodywork components. What makes them so special: In these machines, all the important components, such as the drive unit, frequency inverter and power supply, are duplicated. This redundancy guarantees a very high level of system availability. “When it comes to using two-pillar storage and retrieval machines, the automotive industry is once again playing a pioneering role. However, the SRMs are suitable for all industries,” says Frank Lauer, who is responsible for Technical Sales at Winkel. “The systems are used wherever a machine failure can prove very costly, for example during the manufacture of electric cars.”

Two-column RGB with a load capacity up to 5,000 kilograms

The fully automatic two-pillar SRMs have load capacities of up to 5,000 kilograms. The load-carrying equipment, for example in the form of telescopic forks, is planned and manufactured by Winkel in the light of the customer or project requirements. The systems are built from standard components from Winkel’s extensive catalogue and are precisely tailored to respond to the user’s specific needs.


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