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WINKEL FAST PICK Stationen conquer Europe

WINKEL currently has about 20 FAST PICK stations on order for customers at home and abroad - more than 60 of these stations are already in operation worldwide. They are mainly used in the food industry, drugstore logistics and electronics wholesale. Users benefit from several advantages: The FAST PICK stations simplify logistics processes and reduce costs through increased processing speed. This means that the systems can pay for themselves within a short time.

  • FAST PICK station is two-storey
  • More than 60 FAST PICK stations are in operation worldwide
  • 20 new FAST PICK stations on order
  • 800 picks and up to 10 t goods per hour are possible
  • Automatic film stretcher wraps goods on the pallet
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    The FAST PICK Station has two floors: The picking table is located on a platform on the upper floor. Employees receive different packages, parcels and trays with mixed goods via a conveyor system and pick them order-related onto pallets waiting for them. Below the platform there is a shaft into which the pallet can be lowered bit by bit. This function ensures that the work surface is always at the optimum height. The personnel does not have to lift the often heavy packages with difficulty, but only has to move them horizontally on the load carrier. Up to 800 picks and thus about ten tons of goods per hour are possible in this way. WINKEL has recently started offering designs in which the shaft dimensions can be individually adjusted. This is necessary for different pallet formats.

    An automatic film stretcher is integrated in the shaft. Once a pallet is fully loaded, it is conveyed downwards and then wrapped in a resistant film to secure it for further transport. A special feature is the pallet buffer: The solution immediately provides an empty pallet parallel to lowering the full one. The fully packed load carrier is transported from the shaft directly to a conveyor system. The station then deposits another empty pallet in the buffer - while work is carried out continuously at the top. A new feature is the patented integrated pallet storage system. Winkel supplies the FAST PICK Station including control system and stretcher.


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