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WINKEL new robust aluminium profiles for high demands in mechanical engineering

The new aluminium minimum profiles are available in six different sizes. The chamber dimensions range from 53 to 180.5 millimetres in diameter. The profiles are thus precisely aligned with the angle roller system. They have a diameter of between 52.5 and 180 millimetres. With the combination of both components, load capacities of 20 kilograms to over one ton are possible, depending on the size. Thanks to the VULCULAN and POLYAMIDE coatings, the rollers on the profiles run particularly quietly and quickly: the travel speed is a maximum of six metres per second. Due to a precision ball bearing there is only very little resistance. At the same time, the materials improve the abrasion and wear resistance of the rollers.

Profiles are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminium
  • Aluminium AW 6060 T66 to DIN EN 12020-2
  • Load capacities from 20kg - 1t
  • Diameters of 52.5 and 180 millimetres
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Travel speed max. 6 m/s

The material is corrosion resistant, which means that no further surface treatment is necessary. WINKEL can supply all profiles in fixed lengths immediately from stock. A further advantage is the easy installation: the correct spacing of the profiles is determined from the outset by means of predetermined grooves. In addition, customers can determine the hole spacing themselves. WINKEL then carries them out according to the specifications. This means that the profiles can be used very flexibly and, in contrast to conventional solutions, do not have to be laboriously sawn or welded. The maximum length of the profiles is six meters.


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