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WINKEL Stack Lift
designed for PostPress processing in paper industry

Stack lifts

The stack lifts are predominantly designed for medium and half-size formats in PostPress processing.

By automatically lifting the cutted sheets , the operator can load them into the jogger or directly into the cutting machine at an ergonomically favorable working height.

The stack lift can also be used to accurately stack sheets after the cutting.

Advantages of WINKEL Stack lifts

  • Very quiet operation, noise immission below 62 dB
  • Load receptor designed as a trough
  • Plug and Play solution
  • With stacking device as option
  • Intuitional handling
  • Ergonomic working
  • Up to 10% increased productivity of the cutting machine due to constant working height
  • Flexible positioning

How do WINKEL stack lifts work?

In the paper industry, stacking lifts are used to lift and lower printed sheets. In the paper industry, stacking lifts are used for lifting and lowering printed sheets. The stacking lift is driven hydraulically.

An adjustable light barrier is used in the automatic mode to automatically limit the stroke when stacking sheets.

Lowering is automatically stopped due to the stacked goods interrupting the light barrier. In addition, the stack lifts do not need to be anchored to the floor, so the location of the stack lift can be easily changed. For easy loading, the load platform of the stacking lift has a beveled front edge.

Operator safety & ergonomics

The stack lift has a safety device to protect the operator from foot injuries and provides the ideal conditions for ergonomic working at a comfortable working height. Due to the reduced stress of the operator, the productivity of the overall system remains constant.

The stack lift is lowered semi-automatically and is stopped in a safety zone approx. 17 cm above the floor. The stack lift can only be lowered to the floor by means of a separate pushbutton in tip mode.

This prevents injuries at the feet.

Optional stacking device

The stacking lift can be equipped with an optional stacking device for precise edge positioning of the stacked goods.

The stop of this stacking device can be adjusted variably from right to left to suit all formats and different print templates.

WINKEL stack lifter, comparison & technical dimensions

Stacking lift dimensions
ModelLW 450-2LW 1000-4LW 1200-4LW 1200-6LW 2000-6LW 2000-7S
A [mm] 1045 1275 1275 1530 1590 1740
B [mm] 1060 1430 1430 1690 1720 1900
C [mm] 920 1200 1200 1400 1570 1720
D [mm] 800 800 800 800 800 800
Weight [kg] 450 550 570 700 1.115 1.200
Max. load capacity
450 1.000 1.200 1.200 2.000 2.000
Paper format
600 x 860 800 x 1.200 800 x 1.200 1.050 x 1.450 1.050 x 1.450 1.200 x 1.650
Clear opening of
platform [mm]
620 x 900 840 x 1.270 840 x 1270 1.090 x 1.520 1.090 x 1.520 1.240 x 1.790
Height [mm] 450 550 570 700 1.115 1.200
Total height [mm]
(Lift in top position)
1.960 1.960 1.960 1.960 2.120 2.120
Lifting height, max.
850 850 850 850 900 900
Electrical power
0,75 0,75 0,75 0,75 1,5 1,5
Fuse [A] 10 10 10 10 10 10
Article number 561.300.000 562.400.000 562.300.000 563.300.000 577.000.000 574.000.000
Article number
with Stacking
561.300.111 562.400.111 562.300.111 563.300.111 577.000.020
Packing IPPC crates and crate bases on request

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