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NEU! WINKEL PDF Hauptkatalog.

420 Seiten WINKEL Produktinformationen & Neuheiten
Linearführungen, Linearachsen, Logistik-Systeme und Hubsysteme.


Katalog anfordern   PDF Katalog jetzt downloaden [45.1MB]

das Be-/Entladesystem

Mehr zum WINKEL-Routenzug

Более 42 лет WINKEL

WINKEL используется во всем мире

Configure your hose reel simply & easily

Configurator for hose reels

To the configurator for hose reels

WINKEL Innovation in motion

Linear guides and handling systems
0.1 to 100 tones

Configure your linear guide simply & easily

Configurator for linear guides

To the configurator for linear guides

WINKEL RBG in the automotive industry
Storage and retrieval machine with a special load handling device, load capacity up to 300kg and horizontal speed up to 4 m/s.

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