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Type 4.077 | WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims

WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims
													 Type 4.077 |
													 Article No.: 200.017.000
WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims
													 Type 4.077 |
													 Article No.: 200.017.000

Advantages WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims Type 4.077

Technical details:

WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims | Type 4.077
Article No. 200.017.000

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Technical details 4.077 | 200.017.000
TypeD mmT mmd -0.05 mmH mmh mmB mmA mmS mmr mm

legend | WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims

A = Distance between axial bearing and cover, B = Overall width, D = Outer diameter, d = bolt diameter, H = Overall height, h = Installation dimension, r = Radius, S = Axial bearing widht, T = Flange diameter, Dimension H* and h* without washers; max. +2 mm Adjustment range

Technical details Load capacity
TypeFR kNFA kNC kNCO kNCA kNCOA kNr/pm max.Weight kgProfile
4.07722,07,0073,082,018196001,852912 NbV

Assembly & Adjusting

The adjustment of dimension (A) is obtained by means of an insert positioned between the main body of the bearing and the housing of the side guide roller.
  • Shims with 0.5 and 1.0 mm thickness are availiable
  • Max. adjusting + 2mm
  • Special bolts on <a href="/en/inquiry-lift-system" class="various fancyboxForm">request</a>

Suitable shims

ShimArticle No.


  • For the dimension of bearing and profile, the maximum allowable load F [N] max. stat. should be confirmed.


  • Our Winkel bearings are full complement cylindrical rollers which are lifetime lubricated for one shift and unsteady operation. Due to many years of experience we can assure you that for these kinds of use there will be no reduction of lifetime at normal applications.
  • For applications such as for example in warehouses and machine halls a light surface conservation with commercial spray oil will be sufficient and in addition, a regular relubrication every 6 months.
  • For extension of life-time the Winkel bearings 4.054 up to 4.063 are relubricateable. Generally, the relubrication holes are closed with threaded plugs M6. The bearings are delivered without grease nipple.

    In case of special environmental conditions such as dust, incur of dirt, moisture, outdoor operations, temperatures over 40 degrees, frequent load changes (continuous operation) and heavy duty the bearings should be relubricated at least one time per month. For this we would recommend to you to use our lubrication system Winkel Combi-Lub 1 or a central lubrication system.
    Bearings are lubricated with grease grade 3 (e.g. Shell Gadus S2 V100 3)

Working up

  • For welding operations on WINKEL Bearings with a diameter less than 100 mm, all bearing components must be disassembled.

    WINKEL Bearings with an outer diameter more than 100 mm should be welded on both sides of the bolt.

    After the assembling of the bearings, or after the adjusting operation, the front side screws should be secured with loctite.

    To avoid cracks in the welded joints please use welding electrodes and cored wire for unalloyed steel. For example electrode: E 42 5 B 42 H 10 according DIN EN 499. For example cored wire: T 42 4 B C 3 H5 / 7 42 4 B M 3 H5 according DIN EN 758.
  • Jumbo WINKEL Bearings should be welded on both sides of the bolt.
  • The guide ways in the profiles should be lightly greased and not painted.

Special designs

  • Special bolts are available for WINKEL Bearings of type (PR) 4.072 (P) to (PR) 4.080 (P).

System solutions

  • We construct and manufacture complete lift- and handling units according to customer needs. Constructions with CAD and a progressive production enables high flexibility in achieving complete solutions in the field of handling systems and automation.


  • For all not tolerated dimensions counts ISO 2768 - m

For economical designs in machines, lifting and handling systems.

Advantage of the WINKEL Bearing system:

  • Reduces your designing and production costs
  • Can take up high radial and axial loads
  • Strong profiles for high stat. and dynamic loads
  • Best dispersion of forces in the profiles
  • Longer lifetime for bearings and profiles
  • Economical assembling by welding bolt
  • Bearing components are easily exchangeable

Technical details:

  • Outer rings are made from case-hardened steel UNI 16 CrNi 4 hardened at 62+2HRC
  • Inner rings are made from bearing steel En 31-SAE 52100 hardened at 62-2 HRC
  • Cylindrical rollers have flat ground heads, made from En 31-SAE 52100 steel hardened at 59 – 64 HRC
  • Welding bolts are made from C22E (Material no. 1.1151)
  • Bolt tolerance –0.05 mm
  • Bearings from 4.054 to 4.063 are relubricateable
  • Bearings are lubricated with grease grade 3 (e.g. Shell Gadus S2 V100 3)
  • Standard WINKEL Bearings are resistant from -20 °C to +80 °C
  • WINKEL High Temperature Bearings can be used at max. +250 °C environmental temperature.
  • The max. speed for WINKEL Bearings in steel version is 3m/s.
  • For VULKOLLAN® and POLYAMIDE kind of bearings is the max. speed 6 m/s.
  • The clearance between axial bearing and inner side of the profile should not exceed 0,5 mm.
Technical details:

Suitable profile | "2912 NbV" for Type 4.077

Technical details 2912 NbV | Article No. 112.004.000

31,17 kg/m39,5 cm21088,7 cm4155,5 cm3105,3 cm430,2 cm312m

legend | Resistance Moments | Profile 2912 NbV

Ix = surface moment, Iy = surface moment, Wx = resistance moment, Wy = resistance moment, m = mass, A = surface, ey = distance measure of the y-angle, Lmax = maximal length
*The straightness for fine straightness profiles is ± 0,3 mm per meter. Standard ± 1,0 mm/meter.

Corrosion protection for profiles

All WINKEL profiles are available in corrosion protected version. We deliver your profiles completely machined and galvanized ready to mount.
Following coating are available:

Chemical galvanized

  • All steel profiles with lengths up to 3 m are available in white or yellow galvanized version on request.

Plasma galvanizing

  • All WINKEL profiles with lengths up to 12 m are available in plasma galvanized version. Completely welded constructions with our profiles are available in coated version, independent from their size. Plasma galvanized surfaces are superior to normal zinc coatings. The thickness of the coatings vary from 0,1 to 0,3 mm dependent of the use in land- or offshore atmosphere.
    The usage of WINKEL Bearings on the raceway do not crack off the coating.
{f:translate (key: 'tx_winkelproducts_domain_model_profile.profile_group.2')}

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More Information for:

WINKEL-Bearing axial bearing adjustable by shims Type 4.077

Calculation of the bearing forces
																<strong>F</strong><span class="sub">max</span>
Calculation of the bearing forces <strong>F<sub>1</sub></strong> | F<sub>2</sub>
Calculation of the bearing forces <strong>F<sub>A</sub></strong> | F<sub>R</sub>

Calculation of the bearing forces

Q = Load capacity (N)
L = Load distance to suspension point (mm)
P = Suspension point
A = Bearing distance (mm) recommended 500-1000 mm


To avoid wear out in the profile which is not hardened, the pressure between bearing and profile should be max.
    Pzul = 900 N/mm2 for NbV-profiles,
    Pzul = 750 N/mm2 for all profiles except NbV-series.
Here indicated are Fmaxstat radial+axial for each bearing.

Open Table
ProfilesFR kN
max. stat. radial
max. stat. axial
with fixed
axial Bearing
eccentric adjustable
axial Bearing
with shims
WINKEL-Radial BearingWINKEL-Bearing with
Heavy Duty
WINKEL-Bearing with
combined bolt
U-ProfileI-ProfileU-ProfileI-ProfileU-ProfileI-ProfileWINKEL Bearing with fixed axial BearingWINKEL Bearing eccentric adjustable axial BearingWINKEL Bearing adjustable with shimsWINKEL Radial BearingWINKEL Bearing with OILAMIDE insertHeavy Duty WINKEL BearingAdjustable WINKEL Bearing unitWINKEL Bearing with combined bolt
A-1,00-3,10-----4.052 P---
(PR) 0 NbV-10,30-3,20-(PR) 4.054(PR) 4.454(PR) 4.072(PR) 2.054(PR) 4.072 P*(PR) 3.054*JC 4.054KB (PR) 4.072 P*
(PR) 1 NbV3018 NbV12,4012,403,873,87(PR) 4.055(PR) 4.455(PR) 4.073(PR) 2.055(PR) 4.073 P*(PR) 3.055*JC 4.055KB (PR) 4.073 P*
(PR) 2 NbV-12,90-4,00-(PR) 4.056(PR) 4.456(PR) 4.074(PR) 2.056(PR) 4.074 P*(PR) 3.056*JC 4.056KB (PR) 4.074 P*
-3019 NbV-12,90-4,004.0574.4574.075-----
(PR) 3 NbV3020 Nb22,4022,407,007,00(PR) 4.058(PR) 4.458(PR) 4.076(PR) 2.058(PR) 4.076 P*(PR) 3.058*JC 4.058KB (PR) 4.076 P*
-2912 NbV-22,00-7,004.0594.4594.077-----
-3100 NbV-23,80-7,444.0604.4604.078-----
(PR) 4 NbV-23,80-7,44-(PR) 4.061(PR) 4.461(PR) 4.0784(PR) 2.061(PR) 4.0784 P*(PR) 3.061*JC 4.061KB (PR) 4.0784 P*
(PR) 5 NbV-33,90-10,60-(PR) 4.062(PR) 4.462(PR) 4.079(PR) 2.062(PR) 4.079 P*(PR) 3.062*JC 4.062KB (PR) 4.079 P*
-3353 NbV-26,00-10,604.0624.4624.079-----
(PR) 6 NbV-59,20-18,50-(PR) 4.063(PR) 4.463-(PR) 2.063(PR) 4.080 P*(PR) 3.063*JC 4.063KB (PR) 4.080 P*
(PR) 6 NbV-39,50-18,50---(PR) 4.080----KB (PR) 4.080
(PR) 8 NbV-91,80-23,70--(PR) 4.085--(PR) 4.085 P*---


The Duralloy®-coat

The Duralloy®-coting is an extremly hard, precise, very thin and ultrapure metallic chromium layer, which is charactirzed by an excellent adhesive. The plating can be deposited on all types of metals, except Magnesium and Titanium. Due to the lo process temperature of under 60°C no changes to the structure of the base material occur during plating, this essential advantages of the progress ensure shape and hardness stability for any manufactures components.

Advantages Duralloy®-coating

Ball bearings

Hardness/Wear protection

  • The Duralloy® surface consist of at least 99% pure chrome. The plating hardness is approximatly 1200 HV and the overrund load under EHD-conditions reachses around 2.800 Mpa.


  • The bonding from the Duralloy® surface on the substrate is from molecular nature. It is nearly impossible that the coating peels away from the ground material.
Ball bearings

Tribology/low friction coefficient

  • The special structure of the DURALLOY® surface forms a converging gap geometry and enables the creation of pockets of lubricant. The lubricant pockets also form an oil reservoir for extreme conditions as for example where there is starved lubrication. Furthermore the special structure contributes the reduction of the friction coefficient considerable.

Protection against corrosion

  • The special structure of Duralloy® protects the ground material against chemical and mechanical corrosion. Compared to conventional hard chrome coatings the Duralloy coating is free of cracks.

    All WINKEL-Bearings are availiable in Durraloy®-armoloy coated version on request.

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