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Telescopic fork, type TZ up to 1000 kg

Telescopic fork type TZ up to 1.000 kg

WINKEL telescopic tables with telescopic forks type TZ are economical designed and built systems for load capacities up to 1.000 kg.

Telescopic fork type TZ are build in rigid steel profiles with WINKEL precision bearings. Therefore less deflection at the fork tip, for more details see the diagram further down diagram deflection at fork tip.

Telescopic forks type TZ are driven with motors availiable in DC or AC version and completely available with eccentric stroke or vertical lifters.

Productfacts telescopic fork type TZ up to 1.000kg

  • rigid steel profiles with precision bearings
  • drive motors available in DC or AC versions
  • security clutch and sensor for chain detection and middle position
  • drive via rack and pinion and chain
  • positioning via encoder (absolut or incremental)
  • with eccentric stroke or vertical lifters completely available
  • with anti slip surface

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