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WINKEL pallet lifter with belts

Lifter and Telescopic forks

WINKEL lifter and telescopic forks 1:10
The video shown WHP WINKEL beltlifter with Telescopic forks with a load capacity up to 2 x 1.000kg, lifting height of 40 meter and a high dynamic …


Riemenheber #1 [in motion] 0:05
The video shown a WINKEL beltlifter in motion.

WINKEL Belt lifter

WINKEL Belt lifts are economical in designed and built systems for load capacities from 0.5 to 6t.

Single, double or four pillar belt lifter versions are available. WINKEL belt lifter are robust and made for continous use and require only few minimal maintenance.

In the standard version, WINKEL pallet lifters with belts are carried out using maintenance-free POLYAMID or VULKOLLAN coated WINKEL bearings.

Advantages WINKEL Belt lifter

  • with load frame to suit any conveyor
  • load capacity 0.5 - 6t with WINKEL bearings
  • low maintenance
  • design modular
  • 1/2/4 pillar lifter
  • robust design for 3 shift application
  • up to 40 m lift height
  • max. 4 m/sec. lifting speed

Accessoires for belt lifter

  • belt as a flat or toothed belt
  • special automotive versions with standby drives
  • locking devices
  • anti-falling protection
  • maintenance equipment according to Automotive standard available on request
  • matching lifting slides
  • load frames or special attachments according to customer requirements possible

Overview WINKEL belt lifter


Load capacity

Max. lift speed

Lift height

Safety brakes

Low maintenance

Motor position

Belt lifter WPH 1 WTO


up to 5 m/s

up to 20m


Belt lifter WPH 1 WTU


up to 5 m/s

up to 20 m


2-pillar-belt-lifter WPH 2 ZRO


up to 2 m/s

up to 30 m


4-pillar-belt-lifter WPH 4 FRO


up to 2 m/s

up to 30 m


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