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    Innovation et présence internationale.

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  • WINKEL FAST PICK Estación. Efficient, powerful and ergonomic

  • WINKEL, Soluciones innovadoras en la manipulación de cargas pesadas desde 0,1 hasta 100 t.

  • WINKEL robots multi-axis-units

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  • WINKEL exhibits!

    Indumination.be 2015
    Vansichen Lineairtechniek bvba

    Indumination.be, Kortrijk Xpo
    May 06  - 
    May 08

    Industrial automation is a complex matter and visitors have different expectations and needs. Many of them will attend Indumation.be to find specific solutions or particular applications they haven’t...

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  • WINKEL exhibits!

    automation & electronics 2015
    Haudenschild AG

    automation & electronics, Lausanne Beaulieu
    June 17  - 
    June 18

    automation & electronics - Die Schweizer Messe für Industrie und Wissenschaft verschmilzt Knowhow an einem Ort. Die erfolgreiche «AUTOMATION Schweiz» hatte sich in den vergangenen Jahren zum Schweizer...

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  • WINKEL exhibits!

    FachPack 2015

    FachPack, Nürnberg
    September 29  - 
    October 01

    FachPack Angebote rund um Industrie- und Konsumgüterverpackungen. Von Packstoffen und Verpackungsmaschinen über Verpackungsdruck bis zu Logistiksystemen und Services für die Verpackungsindustrie - die...

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  • WINKEL exhibits!

    PPMA 2015

    PPMA, Birmingham
    September 28  - 
    October 01

    It showcases the technology from machinery, industrial robot and automation technology to the latest machine vision solutions required for automating manufacturing processes.

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  • WINKEL exhibits!

    SPE Offshore Europe 2015

    SPE Offshore Europe, Aberdeen
    September 08  - 
    September 11

    SPE Offshore Europe is one of the world's largest technical conference and exhibitions for the offshore E&P industry. The worldwide development of deep and ultra-deep field discoveries is essential...

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  • NUEVO WINKEL systems

    PUMA retrieval system for pallets and larger crates lead

    PUMA lead the way over conventional systems storage systems. They will help maximize throughput, minimize storage space and eliminate staging or buffer zones.
    The new standard from WINKEL - Partner for work flow and storage solutions.
    More about PUMA

  • NUEVO WINKEL systems

    COLIBRI - Simply more efficiency and improved warehouse utilization.

    How can warehouse space be optimized - without wasting space, while minimizing buffer zones for pallet handling or staging?
    The revolutionary new COLIBRI standard storage and retrieval system. More about COLIBRI

  • WINKEL Bearings

    Precision WINKEL Bearings axial bearing fixed

    Advantages Precision WINKEL Bearings: Less clearance between bearing and profile.
    More Precision WINKEL Bearings

  • WINKEL Bearings

    High temperature WINKEL-Bearings

    High temperature WINKEL-Bearings: WINKEL Bearings of range HT are made for high temperature applications up to 250°C with tolerance C3, high temperature grease and viton sealings.
    More High temperature Bearings

  • WINKEL Bearings

    Sistema de rascado AP-LUB

    Máxima protección! Máxima protección contra la suciedad. Sistema de rascado para placas de fijación AP-LU
    Sistema AP-LUB

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Maintenance & adjustment WINKEL Bearings


El ajuste del juego axial por una excentrica


El ajuste del juego axial con cuñas


El ajuste de los rodamientos Jumbo por una excentrica


El juego axial de los rodamientos con anillos de ajuste


Rodimientos montaje y desmontaje


Perfiles estándar NBV en U alineados de forma precisa

Sistemas WINKEL


SMART-PICK-Station, optimized for commissioning efficiency


FAST PICK Station, optimized for commissioning efficiency


WINKEL Axis systems Serie SLE


WINKEL Axis Systems Serie DLE


WINKEL Robot Loading Cell for tooling machines


PUMA pallet SR Storage and Retrieval machines